Ducted Vacuum Systems Perth

Clean faster & easier with a ducted vacuum system.

Crown Security are at the forefront when it comes to ducted vacuums in Perth. We carry a range of motor units to suit your project and budget. These motors include Electrolux, Hills and AussieVac.

A ducted vacuum system can easily be installed into any home under construction. Piping is installed during the build and connects back to a vacuum motor unit installed in the garage or another non-habitable space. Ducted Vacuums can be also retro fitted to any existing home, or do it yourself with one of our available DIY Kits.

Ducted Vacuums Perth

Ducted or central vacuum systems successfully remove harmful pollutants and dust without venting back into your rooms – Asthma and hay fever sufferers will no longer have to leave while you vacuum.

No bags to empty, no electrical cords to drag around or trip over- just a vacuum head and hose that make cleaning faster, easier and most of all, cleaner.

Contact us, the specialists in ducted vacuums in Perth for a free quote.

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Our relationship with Crown Security started in April 2014, when a modern alarm system was installed at our home. From studying our home layout to the quotation, installation and maintenance, the staff have been very professional, friendly and admirable experts in their field. The supersensitive sensors were occasionally triggered by the wind and Crown staff dutifully came and tune down the sensitivity. Few months ago, we stepped up the security at home with the installation of CCTV. With the advice of Doug, a new system in the market with discount was recommended. Since the installation, we have been able to proudly monitor our home from anywhere in the world, provided there is internet connection. When the old modem router for the wi-fi became faulty, Doug recommended a new one and he dutifully came and reconnected the CCTV to the new modem router. Calling the office staff or Doug for appointments has never been a problem. We consider ourselves as esteemed clients as last week, Steve made sure that our service call was attended to sooner than later. We are grateful and thank Crown Security for the services that we have been receiving from them since April 2014. Without hesitation, we recommend Crown Security to anybody that is interested in the latest technology for home and office security.

Matthew and Lizelle (Currambine),