Secure Storage Containers (safes)

We believe that holistic security for your home or office requires differing layers of security and these should include secure storage containers also known as safes. At Crown we can supply and install the right safe for your requirements.

Where are your important documents or possessions kept?

Combined with various electronic security systems, we believe that each home and offer should also consider installing a safe.

Minimise Loss & Theft

Keeping your valuables in a safe and in the one place ensures you always know where they are and have peace of mind knowing they are secure.

Safeguard Against Fire

All valuables inside the security safe will be saved from getting destroyed in the event of a fire.

Safeguard Against Misuse

Ensure the items inside do not end up in the wrong hands.

Safeguard Against Water

A good safe also offer protection to your valuables during flooding and other similar water-related accidents.


We’re able to manage an entire project or integrate seamlessly with other contractors.

I've been working in loss prevention for over 20 years and have always been impressed by the standard of work that Steve and the team at Crown deliver. Their experience is a huge asset and I enjoy working with them.

Vidalito Pogbi,
Loss Prevention Manager - Coles Express

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