Commercial Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Crown Security provide security cameras for business, commercial and industrial premises to your requirements and budget.

The technology used in security cameras has become increasingly advanced, and will continue to become more advanced with better features in years to come. With this comes an opportunity to secure your premises with a CCTV camera system with high resolution and low light capabilities, as well as digital video recording and more.

Security Cameras and Integrated Systems

Many CCTV cameras are now integrated with other Security Management Systems and Building Management Systems. It would be unusual now to find an installation that is not connected to the client’s IT network, to allow remote connectivity and control of the CCTV system.

This strategic integration of security equipment onto the business’ central network means that the CCTV system can be programmed to alert clients to potential problems via email, or have them review and verify an alarm via their iPhone, iPad or similar smart devices.

commercial security cameras

Security Equipment You Can Rely On

There has never been a better time to secure your premises with premium security equipment that will help prevent and deter property crime.

Whether you require a digital or IP based CCTV cameras, Crown Security is perfectly placed to provide a range of security equipment in a comprehensive system that will exceed your expectations with regard to quality, function and affordability.

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Whatever your requirements, Crown Security can provide your business with an affordable and customised security equipment and Commercial CCTV cameras in Perth. We welcome you to contact us today for a quote.


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Minimise Loss & Theft

We offer an impressive range of intruder alarm solutions ensuring you get the right system that keeps unwanted guests out.

Design, Plan & Install

We’ll work with you closely to make designing & planning your solution an easy process that provides little disruption to your operation.

Sensitive To Budgets

We provide creative solutions to satisfy any budgetary limitations you may have.

OH&S Compliant

All Crown staff are OH&S compliant and follow best safety practices.

Minimal Disruption

Our staff will work seamlessly with your team to get your CCTV system installed quickly and with no disruption to your team.

We'll Handle It All

We’re well versed in commercial CCTV installations & will manage the project from start to finish.

Convert Your CCTV Cameras Into a Smart Parking Solution

Crown Security has partnered with Parquery to offer our customers the latest in smart car park management solutions.

Upgrade your existing CCTV security cameras to a smart parking management solution with Crown Security’s AI-powered system, offering real-time updates on availability, automatic violation notifications, and seamless integration for a revolutionary parking management experience.