Security Alarm Systems Perth

Business Security Alarm Systems

Crown Security can provide commercial security alarm systems in Perth which meet the immediate and long term needs of businesses.

Crown Security recognise that well configured security alarm systems rely on the experience of effective security management. Our consultants are experts in designing a system that effectively meets your needs, and offers user-friendly operation so you and your chosen staff can access the building securely, with the comfort of knowing that the commercial premises are safe to enter.

Commercial Alarm System Repairs & Maintenance

Offering a wide range of commercial security systems for your needs, our security systems can be hardwired into the premises. They can also be wireless or a combination of both technologies. We even provide alarm system repairs throughout Perth to ensure our commercial clients are always protected, safe and secure.

See our range of commercial security systems including alarm systems, security cameras, CCTV camera systems, access control systems, and many more solutions to suit your needs.

Remotely Monitored Alarm Systems

At Crown Security we offer conventional dialler monitoring, as well as the latest wireless monitoring via GPRS with GSM and PSTN redundancies. Contact Us to quote on the best security alarm systems for Perth businesses.


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We also offer a comprehensive array of the world's best detection devices including:

  • Mirror optic passive infra red motion sensors
  • Dual technology microwave and passive infra red motion sensors
  • Photo electric beams
  • Glass break sensors
  • Vibration / shock sensors
  • Magnetic reed switches
  • Smoke or Thermal detectors
  • Personal duress / panic buttons

These detection devices can be integrated with a number of commercial alarm panels, including:

GE Tecom Challenger, Honeywell, Bosch and Hills (DAS)

Minimise Loss & Theft

We offer an impressive range of intruder alarm solutions ensuring you get the right system that keeps unwanted guests out.

Design, Plan & Install

We’ll work with you closely to make designing & planning your solution an easy process that provides little disruption to your operation.

Sensitive To Budgets

We provide creative solutions to satisfy any budgetary limitations you may have.

OH&S Compliant

All Crown staff are OH&S compliant and follow best safety practices.


We’re able to manage an entire project or integrate seamlessly with other contractors.