Smart Parking Management

Smart Car Park
Management System

Introducing Crown Security’s smart car park management system, brought to you through our Australia-exclusive partnership with Parquery.

Say goodbye to the costly installations of parking guidance lights and magnets traditionally used for parking lot availability management.

With Parquery, our Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered solution, facility managers can access real-time updates on parking availability, including per-floor availability in multi-storey carparks. The system is intelligently designed to notify authorities when a vehicle exceeds the allowed parking duration. Additionally, clients can benefit from wall-mounted screens that guide incoming vehicles to the nearest available parking spaces.

What sets our system apart is its seamless integration. There’s no need for specific camera installations or complex cabling. Our cloud-based solution revolutionises parking management by transforming any existing internet-connected car park CCTV camera into a smart parking guidance camera.

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Why Smart Parking Management?

Smart parking can transform the way parking spaces are managed by turning real-time parking occupancy images into meaningful trends.
It can help parking managers answer questions such as:

  • Where are the most popular parking areas?
  • Does the capacity of the parking lot meet the demand for spaces?
  • When is parking in high/low demand?
  • How long are vehicles usually parked for?
  • What are the most common arrival and departure times?
  • How does parking lot usage vary throughout the day, month or year?

By gathering parking insights over time, smart parking empowers parking managers to identify parking lot inefficiencies and make informed decisions to boost revenue, reduce costs, and turn parking into a positive experience for customers

How Our System Works

Our smart car park management system operates through a seamless combination of advanced
technologies and intelligent algorithms. Here’s an overview of how our system works:

Overview of Smart Parking Management dashboard

Camera Installation or Integration

Our expert team can install new commercial security cameras or seamlessly integrate them with existing CCTV cameras already installed in your car park.

A.I. Learning and Calibration

Once the cameras are in place, our A.I. powered system goes through a calibration process.

This typically spans two weeks, during which the system learns and adapts to the unique environment, capturing valuable data on parking patterns, vehicle movement, and occupancy.

Real-Time Data Collection & Alerts

Once calibrated, our system continuously monitors the car park, while our advanced algorithms process the captured images and provide real-time results for any type of parking space.

Our smart parking system can detect and track vehicles, accurately identify available parking spaces, determine occupancy status, and notify parking authorities when a vehicle is parked illegally.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor area, with or without road surface markings, permanent or temporary, in good or bad weather conditions, our system delivers accurate and up-to-date information.

Long-Term Data Analysis for Parking Optimisation

Our smart car park management system not only provides real-time parking updates, but also gathers valuable data over the long term.

This data is leveraged to generate comprehensive analysis, enabling parking managers to make informed decisions for the long-term optimisation of their parking facilities.

Cloud-Based Storage

All the collected data and analysis results are securely stored and processed in the cloud.

This cloud-based approach ensures easy data transferability, accessibility from anywhere, and eliminates the need for additional on-site hardware.

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The Future of Smart Parking Management

Multi-Storey Parking Availability

Our smart car park management solution provides comprehensive per-floor availability updates, allowing users to efficiently navigate and find parking spaces on each level.

Outdoor Parking Guidance

With our smart parking solution, only a single camera is needed to monitor a large outdoor parking lot!

Unmarked Parking Spaces

The Parquery technology can provide results on any parking area, even when parking lines are not drawn.

Bad Weather and Debris

Our smart parking solution is designed to seamlessly operate and deliver reliable information regardless of weather conditions.

A Smart Parking Solution For Multiple Industries

Commercial Centres


Strata & Apartments


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Why Choose Our Smart Parking Management System?


Our smart parking management system eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure installations, such as parking guidance lights and magnets. Any existing CCTV camera can be converted into a smart parking guidance camera.

Low Maintenance

Our Crown Security smart parking management system removes the need to maintain expensive proprietary servers and analytics software. Just pay for a software management plan and the solution will work in the background – it’s as easy as that!

Real-Time Alerts

Parking operators will receive real-time parking alerts, promptly notifying them when vehicles have overstayed their parking duration or are parked illegally, including instances of double parking, parking outside designated lines, or parking on the curb.

Actionable Data

A.I. powered insights and analytics empower businesses to optimise parking management, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall parking experience.

Cloud-Based Solution

A cloud-based smart parking solution offers the advantage of easy accessibility, scalability, and data transferability with minimal need for on-site hardware or infrastructure.

User-Friendly Interface

Parking managers get real-time data on the Parquery interactive dashboard with just a few clicks.