DAS NetworX NX 4-8 User Manual

NetworX NX 4-8

The NetworX NX 4-8 features software which allows up to 8 users to interface with 8 zones, and a host of integrated fire, access, verification, and input/output modules, all reported with comprehensive and fast SIA and Contact ID formats. The NetworX design allows for a fully loaded system to be housed in one single metal enclosure. A maximum of 8 keypads and 1 other module (excluding hardwire) can be added to expand the capabilities of the NX-4 unit.

Some of the NetworX Code Pad Functions include:

  • Arming in the ‘On’ Mode
  • Arming in the ‘Partial’ Mode
  • Using the Quick Arm
  • Disarming the System
  • Bypassing
  • Un-bypassing
  • Group Bypass
  • Resetting Smoke Detectors
  • Managing Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan

For more information on the NetworX NX 4-8, refer to the user manual below:

Networx NX4-8 User Guide

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