Honeywell Ademco Vista 12 User Manual

Vista 12

The Vista 12 intruder panel offers 38 zones in total of which 32 zones can be wireless. Arming/disarming can be performed wireless by keyfobs. For controlling external equipment, the Vista is equipped with 2 outputs which can be extended with a maximum of 4 programmable relay-outputs or a X10 transimtter can drive up to 4 X10 modules. The panel also gives you the possibility to define your own zone functions and has 4 programmable keys on the keypads. Each key can be individually programmed e.g.:

  • Open the garage door
  • Switch on a lamp
  • Arm the system

The Honeywell Ademco Vista 12 exhibits a number of burglary system features including:

  • Exit/Entry Delays
  • Zone Bypassing
  • Basic Arming Modes
  • Arming Disarming/Silencing
  • Emergency Alarms (Panic Keys)

The system also presents several non-alarm functions including:

  • A Chime Mode
  • Voice Messaging Centre
  • Macro Keys
  • Ability to control certain lights or other electrically operated devices
  • Follow-Me feature (audio beeps)

For more information regarding these features, refer to the Vista 12 user manual below:

Vista 12 User Guide