Interlogix The Challenger Version 8 User Manual

The Challenger Version 8

Interlogix’s Challenger V8 encompasses a number of functions including access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance and communications. Combined with modular hardware, distributed intelligence, and powerful software, a Challenger security platform can be scaled for any application.

The system contains the following features:

• Up to 16 remote arming stations (keypad or reader) can be connected

• Up to 256 inputs and 64 doors with use of expansion modules

• Up to 255 freely programmable relay outputs

• Memory expansion modules enable a Challenger panel to store 1,000 each of alarm events and access events (100 for standard memory)

• Memory expansion modules enable a Challenger panel to accommodate up to 65,535 users

• Programmed via LCD keypad arming stations or via Interlogix Security management software

• Arming and disarming can be automated to occur at particular times, days and/or when particular events occur in a system

• Programmable holidays modify existing access restrictions

• Management software computers may be connected locally via direct RS-232, by modem, or via IP connection

• Built-in dialer for monitoring or for remote system management • Optional interfaces for IP or RS-232 connections

• Permissions for individual users to arm and disarm areas, permission to access doors, lifts, and floors (or other equipment) in Challenger’s access control system

• System input devices can be monitored for tamper conditions

For further information regarding the features and functions of Interlogix’s Challenger V8, refer to the user manual below:

The Challenger Version 8 User Guide