National Broadband Network (nbn) and Intruder Alarm Systems

Everything you need to know about the NBN & Your Intruder Alarm System


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What is the NBN?

In a nut shell the NBN rollout replaces the existing copper telephone lines with fibre optic cabling. The primary benefit is far greater speed plans for internet access, which makes web browsing, video streaming (Netflix), and home technology (wireless security & other tech) more seamless.


How will this affect your monitored intruder alarm system?

The rollout of the NBN within your area will leave your home or business with no conventional “copper cable” phone line. Without a fixed-line telephone, your monitored intruder alarm system will not dial out, which means that any alarm system downtime will go unnoticed, leaving your home vulnerable to intruders.


How to avoid alarm system vulnerability

The quick fix

One solution that is not advised is to speak with your internet service provider and request a “fibre phone line”, which may require rewiring your home or business to the new NBN main connection. This is not advised as in the event of total power failure, any alarm system downtime will go unnoticed, also leaving your home vulnerable to intruders.

The BEST way!

If you want to have confidence in the security of your home, the only solution is installing a GPRS Communicator. This small device can be fitted to any intruder alarm system that currently communicates via a standard telephone line. It is fitted within the existing alarm control panel and is connected to the panels power source (including its back up battery) and internal telephone connection.

The GPRS device option solves the following problems cased by the NBN

  • NBN Connections – Monitoring
  • Internet failure
  • Power failure
  • LBN co Connections
  • ADSL 2+ Naked dsl connections
  • No ports available at exchange problems
  • IP control of alarms without cabling and more

How the NBN affects Intruder Alarm Systems



Here are the benefits of installing the GPRS Communicator:

  1. Retrofit your existing intruder alarm system
  2. Save on existing telephone line rental costs
  3. The Communicator is compatible with all intruder alarm panels that communicate via telephone lines
  4. No more telephone calls on your phone bill from the alarm panel
  5. Added security as existing telephone lines can be compromised if they are cut outside of the premises. This device is wireless and so tampering is extremely difficult
  6. It’s portable! If you relocate, you can take the device with you to your new home or business premises
  7. This device will communicate all alarm conditions. So you will send all signals at no additional cost.


The Savings!

  • Low installation cost – from $379 fully intalled
  • Home owners could save over $445.00 per year
  • Business owners could save over $538.00 per year.


As an added bonus, you will also be able to connect with your alarm system via a smart phone app. This app allows you to see the live status of the alarm for peace of mind, and allows you to ARM or DISARM the system if there is a spare alarm input.

You will then have access to the history of who and when the alarm was armed and disarmed.


How the NBN affects Intruder Alarm Systems



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