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Smart Wiring Installers in Perth

Home integration will add to the value, convenience & security of your home. Integrated cabling is commonly referred to as Smart Wiring. It allows the separate systems of today’s and tomorrow’s homes to talk to each other digitally. Fusing them together to enhance the user / owner’s lifestyle and experience.

“There is nothing smart about smart wiring. It’s what we do with it that’s clever”

We specialise in the following home integration services:  Smart wiring, AV distribution, connection technologies, networking and WIFI.

Smart Wiring

A Crown smart wiring network adds to the value, convenience and security of your home. It allows you to connect and share content and user control intelligently over devices such as TV, Foxtel, Blu-ray, DVD, computers, security systems, cctv systems, PC’s and entertainment devices.

Gone are the days of simply having an aerial connection behind your TV. Now we can connect digital free to air, Pay TV, and an ADSL network connection for “Internet TV” and online gaming etc.

Another benefit of correctly cabling your home is the ability of copying (Modulating) any video signal such as Foxtel, Blu-ray and DVD to any TV in the home. From one source location.

Cat6 computer cabling now replaces what used to be a telephone outlet in you room. This now means that you can go to the central smart wiring hub and change that outlet to any one of the following, if you have them:

  • Telephone line 1, Telephone line 2, Fax line
  • ADSL Broadband connection
  • A computer network connection

The hub of your home is a box. Similar to your electrical meter box. Where everything wires back to. The hub is always inside your home. Locked away. Where you store your router / modem / switches / power supplies and NAS drives etc. An easy location where you have full ability to control your distribution.

What is smart wiring? Read more here.

Smart Wiring Perth

AV Distribution

Is the ability to distribute your Audio visual experience from one source or more throughout your home. Also enabling control for these sources remotely. Ever wanted a Blu-ray or Foxtel to be on multiple TV’s simultaneously? You can.

Our consultants will walk you through the options when it comes to AV distribution in your home.

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NBN, LBN, Opticom, HFC, FTTH, FTTP, FTTB, ADSL2+, Foxtel, Satellite & Connection Technologies

There are a plethora of options available depending on your location and what your home requires.

Crown’s Integration designs take away this confusion as we talk you through your options and what will suit your requirements best. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that a Crown Smart Wiring system will be plug and play.

Giving you more choice and ability of the service you want to use in your home.

We will also guide you on what services you have available in your area.

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Networking & WIFI

Just running these cables to share your phone / data / AV is only half of the job. At Crown we also understand what you do with your systems. From a home office setup. To a home distribution matrix. We will be able to measure, install and program the equipment needed to make your whole system work.

Smart Wiring Perth

Training & Understanding

It’s all well and good getting an integrated system, “but what do I do with it? And how do I use it?”

At handover we will give you the training and nurturing you need. You are never alone with a Crown system. We expect to be with you during the life of your current home till the next.  We are only a phone call away for additional support after initial training.

Contact us, the leading smart wiring installers in Perth to get your smart wiring setup in Perth today.

Looking for home security solutions as well? Crown offers various home security solutions including home security cameras, home alarm systems, home access control in Perth, intercom systems.

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