Smart Locks

Smart Door Locks Perth

The days of using a key and dead bolt are changing. Yes you can and still use a traditional key however emerging technology is giving home owners far greater control over their home security. Now smart locking is becoming mainstream and Crown is here to help you take advantage of it.

Imagine being able to control your home lock mechanisms remotely. Or have them integrate and control other systems such as your alarm system?

Consider these examples: You are away from home and your parents have just arrived and you want to disable the alarm and open the door for them while at work. It’s possible with smart locking.

You arrive home and use your security Key Fob (remote) to turn off your alarm and open your garage door.

You walk up the stairs to your entry after taking the dog for a walk and swipe your finger over the lock biometric reader to open your door.

Using your intercom buttons. Open your front door. Or garage roller door.

With smart locking you sure can do all this and more.

Contact us today to organise your smart locks here in Perth and keep you home secure.

Pair your smart door locks with some of our other security systems including home security cameras, home alarm systems, home access control in Perth, intercom systems plus many more solutions.

Smart Locks Perth

Control from anywhere

With smart locking you’re able to remote unlock and disable devices in your home.

Integrate with multiple devices

Use your security key fob to turn off your alarm, open your garage door and more.


Unlock doors with the swipe of a finger.