Video Intercom Systems

Video Intercom Systems Perth

Intercom Systems Perth

Residential and commercial intercom systems play an important role in the security of your household and office. They allow you to screen all visitors from the safety of your home or commercial premises; there is no need to open a door to unknowns visitors and put yourself at risk.

Modern systems are sleek with hands-free operation. They can electronically open multiple doors or gates and can have extra video stations fitted throughout your home or office.

Video intercom systems are also used for inter-room communication.

Another advantage of today’s sophisticated video intercoms is the ability to integrate CCTV camera images onto the systems video monitor. This is excellent for cameras used for security purposes, but also, for example, cameras that are installed to view children playing near a pool.

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Screen Visitors

Never open the door and not know who is outside ever again.

Protect Staff & Family

A Crown video intercom will add an extra layer of security for office staff or your family.

Sensitive To Budgets

We provide intercom solutions to satisfy any budgetary limitations you may have.

OH&S Compliant

All Crown staff are OH&S compliant and follow best safety practices.

Our Suppliers

A comprehensive range of video intercom solutions with two-way audio and video verification for entry control. The IP or 2-wire video intercoms allow you to use the mobile phone app for remote operations. The systems can also be integrated with CCTV and alarm systems, creating a higher security level for your home.

  • 2-Wire Series
  • 4-Wire Series (Analog)
  • 8-Wire Series (Analog)
  • Doorbells
  • IP Series
  • Kits

Dahua’s products come in versatile solutions for houses, small apartments, and later residential buildings. They integrate with CCTV and alarm systems to offer more intelligence and security, and can be accessed via mobile phone as well as PC – which is extremely convenient for the security of larger residential areas.

  • IP Series
  • 2-Wire Series
  • 4-Wire Series
  • Emergency Phone Terminals

Aiphone’s video intercom solutions range from simple DIY audio intercoms all the way throy=ugh to sophisticated video entry systems and enterprise-level IP communication with emergency call stations. They are renowned for their simple design, technical excellence.

  • IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom
  • Emergency Towers & Solutions
  • GT Series Multi-Tenant Video Intercom
  • IX Series Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom with SIP Capability
  • JP Series 7″ Touchscreen Intercom

BTicino offers video intercom system solutions that range from basic door entry systems fro small households to sophisticated video entrance panels with internal units.

  • Linea 3000: 2 wires video entrance panels
  • Sfera: 2 wires video entrance panels
  • Linea 2000: 2 wires video entrance panels
  • Linea 300: 2 wires video entrance panels
  • Linea 100: 2 wires audio entrance panels

FERMAX manufactures video door control, video communications systems, and access control equipment. They are a trusted partner, and with an incredibly varied range of systems to meet the needs of most price points and requirements.

  • VEO XL Monitor
  • VEO Monitor
  • NEO Monitor
  • Kin Panel
  • Skyline Panel
  • Cityline Panel

Trust Crown Security With Your Video Intercom Installation

For all your security needs, see our range of intercom systems in Perth. We also offer complete home security systems including home security cameras, home alarm systems, home access control in Perth, intercom systems plus much more. Contact us for a free quote.