Honeywell Ademco Vista 20SEa User Manual

Vista 20SEa

The Vista 20SEa offers three forms of protection in the form of protection against burglary, fire and emergency. The system consists of at least one keypad which provides control of the system operation. It also contains various sensors which provide interior and perimeter burglary protection. In addition to this, smoke and combustion detectors are included to provide early warning in case of fire.

The system utilises microcomputer technology to monitor all protection zones and the system’s status. On the keypad(s), it provides appropriate information for display and initiates appropriate alarms. Your system may also have been programmed to automatically transmit status messages and alarms to a central alarm monitoring station via phone lines.

Fire Protection

The fire protection portion of the security system is constantly active and will sound an alarm if a fire condition is detected. In the event of an emergency, the installed smoke and heat detectors will automatically activate the security system to trigger a loud and interrupted sound from the keypad.


When an alarm condition occurs, both the keypad and external sounders will sound and the keypad will also display the zone(s) causing the alarm. If your system is connected to a central alarm monitoring station, an alarm message will also be sent.

For more information regarding features and functioning of the Vista 20SEa, refer to the system’s user manual below:

Vista 20SEa User Guide